The Ark Encounter To Proceed With Construction

Artist conception of the Ark exhibit at the Ark Adventure.   I assume the palm trees are not planned for Kentucky.  Image from AIG Ark Aventure site.

Last night in a public broadcast Ken Ham announced that enough funds have been obtained to break ground for the huge “evangelistic project” – the Ark Encounter.  The event was clearly designed to put-to-rest rumors that Answers in Genesis has run into money problems and that the project is in trouble.  I do think they rightly pointed […]

Testing The Creationist’s Hyper-evolution Orchard: Canines, Felines and Elephants

The YEC biblical evolution model.  Screen capture of a slide from Ham's presentation during the Ham/Nye debate Feb 4 2013.

Last week I pointed out that the Bible provides no support for Ken Ham’s contention that massive numbers of species have formed following their departure from Noah’s ark 4500 years ago (YEC Biblical Evolution: I Have A Book That Says Otherwise).  Now I’m following up with “observational” evidence from DNA sequences to test whether the […]

Invoking Super-Speed Evolution: How to Squeeze 10,000+ Bird Species onto Noah’s Ark

Pictures of most of the living species of penguins. Young earth creationists consider these all to be members of the same "kind" and thus all of these evolved from a common ancestor.  Image credit: Wikipedia.

There are about 10,000 species of birds alive today.  Almost 200 additional species have gone extinct since the year 1500 and there are innumerable fossil species of birds in the geological column. One of the persistent challenges for modern young earth creationists is how to fit the diversity of life on the Noah’s ark.  Answers […]

The Answers in Genesis Atheist Billboard Campaign


By now you have either seen or heard about the Answers in Genesis billboard campaign targeting atheists.   In very prominent billboards in major cities including Times Square in New York City, the message is proclaimed to their atheist friends, Thank God Your Wrong.  A considerable amount of digital ink has been spilt on internet discussion […]

Dragon Tales, UFOs and the Creation Museum


Since its inception, one of the Creation Museum’s most provocative exhibits has been one that places dinosaurs and man side by side.  While this is anachronistic to most people at least everyone agrees that dinosaurs really lived at some time in earth’s history.*  This year the Creation Museum added a new exhibit where you can […]

Evaluating the State of Creationism: Creationist Finances

T-shirts available for purchase by home schoolers to support Ham after he was dis-invited to speak at a home school conference.

Evaluating the state of creationism in the evangelical church today is a difficult task.  Gallop polls suggest little changes among Americans regarding their views of origins but the generic nature of the questions make these results challenging to interpret.   I have looked at web site traffic, publication records and other metrics of the reach […]

Reflections on the 2013 PCA General Assembly and the Age of the Earth


Dr. Jason Lisle of the Institute of Creation Research (ICR) presented a seminar entitled “Astronomy Reveals Creation” at this year’s PCA (Presbyterian Church in America) General Assembly which took place  two weeks ago.  Some billed this as the young-earth follow-up to a seminar given at last year’s PCA GA by Dr. Greg Davidson who presented […]

Human Fossil Footprints: Exploring the Fringes of Creationism

This is a human fossil footprint from Ileret, Kenya.  This footprint is widely accepted as an authentic footprint fossil  (center) beside a foot (right) and color-contoured 3D laser scan image (left) of the print.  This fossil was found in relatively young rock that is thought to have formed from a volcanic ash event after which someone walked across the new ash prior to its preservation. (Credit: Brian Richmond/George Washington University)

A friend of mine recently gave me a book that he had found at a local library book sale knowing that I have an interest in creationists’ books.  The book was entitled Evolution and Human Fossil Footprints by Aaron Judkins. I knew right away that the focus of the book was probably on the Paluxy […]

Equines of the Bible: Horse Series Part V

A photo from the Pech Merle Prehistory Center shows a cave painting of pair of spotted horses, found in the Pech Merle Cave in Cabrerets, southern France. Scientists estimate the drawing, measuring about four metres wide by 1.5 metres high, is about 25,000 years old. Source: AP

Thus far in this series  about horses we have we have explored some of the  interpretations of the fossil record of horses and demonstrated the difficulty of defining the boundaries of species of modern horses.   We have seen that evolutionary theory and most modern young earth creationists propose that the domestic horse, the donkey […]

Consider the Ostrich: Adapted for the Present World? – Part III

Male and female ostrich from South Africa. Image: Wikipedia

Does Genesis require that ostriches were flight capable in the prelapsarian world?   If you have read parts I and II of this series you might think that I have overlooked one very important clue about the origin of ostriches: the Genesis creation account.   You could suggest that a logical argument can be made that the […]


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