Duff-PortraitSmallWho is Naturalis Historia?
Naturalis Historia is the collective works and thoughts of  Joel Duff, a professor of biology at the University of Akron, who has spent many years discussing and writing about the intersection of science and faith.   I am fascinated by God’s creation and am concerned that  modern conservative evangelicals have increasing abandoned the study of natural revelation resulting in both a lack of appreciation for the “good” creation and the inability to assess the results of modern science.     I enjoy studying natural history and reading about natural historians of the 17th and 18th century when the study of nature was considered natural theology.   I am a father of five, lover of reformed theology, am a member of a PCA (Presbyterian Church of America) church, grew up in the OPC and have an ongoing interest in the origins debate that is ongoing in the evangelical community and especially among conservative evangelicals.

Purpose of Site
Naturalis Historia is the repository of my extended writings from my personal research on science and faith issues, some less formal thoughts and short highlights (NH Notes) of pertinent stories about science and the church.   For close followers (Email, Twitter or Facebook) new posts will usually include information rich original writing rather than simply links to other stories though I will include periodic links to especially good external content.   At times I will also include posts that include my own personal photography (NH Photos) and just general interest natural history stories that are cool science.

This site is not intended to be an open creation/evolution or theist/atheist debate board.    Comments are welcome and I will do my best to respond to serious questions but will not engage in long polemic arguments.   Please note that content of posts may be updated over time as I find errors or am pointed to areas of poor logic or lack of clarity.

Copyright Information:
All writing on this site (thenaturalhistorian.com/), unless otherwise quoted or referenced, is original and is  protected under the creative commons licensing 2.5.  If you wish to reuse whole pieces of content please contact me and I will gladly discuss that possibility.   Image use:  All pictures of mine that are posted on this site can be used for any purpose as long as this blog is sited as the source.

Disclaimer: My thoughts on this site do not represent any institution with which I am employed or involved with.  My thinking in earlier posts may have changed overtime and thus don’t represent my current state of thought on some issues.   This blog represents an exercise to improve my writing skills and sharpen my own thinking even while sharing some of the knowledge I have gained over 20 years of reading and writing about science and faith.

Contact Info:
Please use the contact form below to leave me a message.   You may also send an email to historiaplantarum@gmail.com.

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