Juvenile Dinosaur Fossils in a Nest: Testimony to Rapid Burial but Not by a Flood

Remains of 15 baby dinosaurs in a nest. Click to enlarge this image. Image credit: Dr. Kh. Tsogtbaatar

Another remarkable fossils find has been reported in the past few days. This involves 15 complete or nearly complete fossils of juvenile dinosaurs all preserved in what is apparently a large 2-3 foot wide nest.   I have obtained the original journal article that described this fossil find in detail.   The paper “A nest […]

Atacama Whale Fossils – Huge Find of Modern Whale Fossils in Chile

A story of a spectacular whale fossil find in the Atacama desert of Chile has recently been reported. The best pictures of the site can be found HERE along with the story. In the picture here you can clearly seen the outline of a baleen whale (like a bowhead or blue whale). There are likely […]

Dating the Earth: Amino Acid Racemization

I have taken part in many discussions on internet discussion boards with pastors and lay Christians concerning science and the age of the earth.  Here is comment made in just such a discussion more than 10 years ago: >As I understand it, the “old earth” position bases its beliefs on >an unknowable fact.  It is […]

John Ray on the Purpose of Creation in “The Wisdom of God”

The Englishman natural historian John Ray is best known for his book The Wisdom of God.  Like many books at the time, he continually revised and reissued until the time of his death and then even after his death edits he had made to manuscripts were incorporated into later editions.   As a result of these many […]

Ray to Llwyd: On Formed Stones and Mammalian Fossils

This is part of a continuing a series of posts on John Ray’s correspondences.  Quotes are from the publication of Ray’s letters  (Further Correspondence of John Ray)  edited by Robert W. T. Gunther and printed for the Ray Society in 1928.    The first is from a letter to Mr. Edward Llwyd at the Museum of […]

Creation on the Internet: Where Do We Go to Learn About Origins?

Who is interested in the question of origins and where do they go to find information?   There are a number of ways to gauge interest but a quick look at web site traffic can be illustrative of what information is getting to the most people.  Below I list what I think are the prominent organizational […]

Mercury follow-up: A watery beginning?

How were the planets formed?   While young earth creationists appear to be fairly unified in their convictions about the origin of the geological features of the earth, the question of how the planets and the moon came to appear as they do seems to be one for which there is little consensus  among YECs other […]