Bring Out Your Dust: The YEC Moon Dust Argument

Not enough moon dust!  It’s the argument for a young earth that just won’t die even though many YEC leaders have said it should. I was prompted to think about moon dust two days ago, after a 15 year break, when a colleague of mine stopped by my office and told me that she had […]

Giant Dino Eggs Found? Bad Reporting on Bad Science

Dinosaur eggs are surprisingly (to the non-biologist) similar in size. Even the very largest dinosaurs laid eggs that were hardly any bigger than the largest eggs found today. These are observations from the fossil record and these observation make sense biologically even though all we see are fossilized eggs. Eggs are limited in the size they attain for several reasons but one of the most important is that the embryos in the eggs must have oxygen to grow.

Origins Science and Misconceptions of Historical Science

Many people have a perception of scientists as white-coated individuals hunched over at a lab bench performing experiments.  They are doing experimental science which include the testing of hypotheses and determining which ones are supported and which should be discarded.  Others scientists are imagined as collecting observational data using  telescopes to describe distant planets and […]

Progressive Creationism: A Whale of an Inference

I think it is safe to say that the average person has little appreciation for the diversity (eg. number of species) and the total numbers of whales in the world. What most people hear about whales is that there are some that are hunted to near extinction. This tends to create the impression that whales are rare animals. Yes, there are many rare and endangered species of whales but there there are many that are very abundant.

Web Traffic Data for Reformed and Creationist Sites

I am updating some web traffic data and adding a few new sites.   I was wondering how the traffic of some of the prominent creation evangelism sites such as Answers in Genesis (AIG) and the Institute from Creation Research (ICR) compared to that of other general Christian web sites and reformed Christian organizations.  I got […]

Permian Pompeii Challenge Taken Up? ICR’s Brian Thomas Comments on Fossil Forests

Reconstruction of a 300 million year old forest

Recently I shared evidence of an ancient forest preserved in amazing detail in a thick layer of volcanic ash (An Ancient and Alien Forest Reconstructed: A challenge for young earth creationism). I raised a number of challenging questions that this spectacular fossil discovery raises for those that hold to a young-earth creationists (YEC) understanding of […]

Having Faith in Flood Geology – Dogmatic Assertions of Evidence

A comment on another site captures the essence of where I think Christians who have been told the Bible teaches the earth must be young are putting their confidence. Their confidence is placed in the belief that experts in scientific fields have provided them with not only enough evidence but overwhelming evidence that earth is young. This person is putting his faith in experts which, he admits, have bolstered his faith in the Word of God.

America’s Views on Evolution and Creation – poll results

The following image comes courtesy of which has created the easy to visualize summary of some of the most recent polling data regarding American’s views of the origin of man.  The questions posed by several national polling specialists are rather simple and many people clearly do not fit so easily into the boxes that […]