Fossil Field Trip: Fossil Reefs Under the Feet of the PCA GA

On my trip to Kentucky this week to attend the PCA GA I took some time to do some geological sightseeing.  I hope I can convince you that it was a lot more exciting that it might sound:-)   Below are some pictures I took at two locations.  The first are from the Falls of […]

Reflections on the PCA GA and the Age of the Earth Seminar

The PCA (Presbyterian Church of America)  General Assembly includes a number of seminars on a wide variety of topics each year.   This year one talk received considerable attention prior to the meeting because of the subject matter and the presenter.  I made the 6 hour drive to Louisville, KY to hear the talk as […]

Adam and The Fall: A Thorny Young Earth Assumption

My WordPress tag reader led me to this video posted on Eric Hovind’s “Creation Today” website.  This site is what Dr Dino’s website presence morphed into after the arrest and conviction of fringe creation scientists Kent Hovind.    What caught my eye was that today’s video highlighted evidence of creation from thorns.   I have been thinking […]

Long Distance Dispersal via Catastrophic Events

When I give my lecture in class about animal distributions,  questions often are raised about how did animals get to some remote islands or even islands that are not that far off from the mainland.   Sometimes the answer is that during ice ages the oceans was up to hundreds of meters lower than it is […]