John Ray – definition of a species

What a species is has been debated for centuries but John Ray was the first person to produce a biological definition of what a species is.   In his 1686 History of plants he states: “ surer criterion for determining species has occurred to me than the distinguishing features that perpetuate themselves in propagation from seed…. Continue Reading →

Who is John (W)Ray

John Ray (1627-1705) was the preeminent natural historian of 17th century England.   He published many important works on botany, zoology, fossils and natural theology.  He is often given credit for proposing the first modern definition of species, for setting the stage for modern taxonomy and establishing the basics of the scientific method.  More importantly, Ray… Continue Reading →

Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter to Usher in a Modern Day Reformation?

Ken Ham would have us believe that the modern creationist movement, which apparently began only 53 years ago, is the real deal this time. Unlike all the other attempts to create a history of the Earth with a recent global flood as a centerpiece, this time it apparently is going to usher in a real reformation in both science and an appreciation for biblical authority.

Best of NH

Below are some of my most popular and hopefully best articles that I have written for this blog.  Articles are categorized into the following group with some articles cross listed: 1) NH Favorites 2) Popular Series 3) Geological context 4) Natural History 5) Creationism and the Church 6) Young Earth Creationism 7) Philosophy and History… Continue Reading →

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