New Walton Book Released: Genesis 1 as Ancient Cosmology

John Walton’s follow-up book to The Lost World of Genesis 1 is finally out.    I have ordered my copy and will be providing a review and excerpts in the near future.    This book was promised two years ago and many people, including myself, have been waiting for what has been pitched as the scholarly update […]

John Ray: Testing Knowledge with Observation

The following quote is from page 152 of the 1735 edition of Wisdom of God, Ray’s best known book.   He is bemoaning the fact that so few professors have any experience from observation but appear to be content with the knowledge of the past which they have gained from books. Let us not suffice us […]

Perspicuity, Exegetical Populism, and Tolerance: A Reply to G. I. Williamson – Reformation21 Blog

Perspicuity, Exegetical Populism, and Tolerance: A Reply to G. I. Williamson – Reformation21 Blog.  by William B. Evans Double posting today only because I thought this short article was worth receiving more press.  Below is a small portion from this article linked above that discusses Christian liberty and the tolerance of different eschatological views withing […]

Historical Creation View of Sailhamer – Part 3. Summary

Genesis Unbound (2nd ed) by Sailhamer (2011)

Just the name will probably offend a few but this is what Sailhamer calls it and I like the name as well and think it is appropriate.  I might also call it a Biblical Creation view.  I usually refer to typical 6 day creationism as Classical Creationism. A:  Overview Ok, on with a brief overview […]

Historical Creation View of Sailhamer – Part 2: The Issues

The challenges faced when confronting Genesis 1 and 2. Before diving into Sailhamer’s book, Genesis Unbound we need to lay out a list of some questions concerning the interpretation of Genesis 1 and 2 that any consistent interpretation of this text must be address.  This is only a short list of the most common questions […]

The Historical Creation View of Sailhamer in “Genesis Unbound” Part 1

Genesis Unbound Sailhamer

HISTORICAL CREATIONISM:  A summary of the interpretation of Genesis 1 and 2 by John Sailhamer as presented in “Genesis Unbound: A provocative new look at the creation account” (1997). What follows is a fairly lengthy introduction and overview of John Sailhamer’s book “Genesis Unbound” (1997).  The first edition seems have had a limited printing and […]

The History of an Asteroid Family

A press release yesterday from NASA (HERE) was picked up by various news outlets because it referenced problems with a prior work that attempted to identify the source of an asteroid that may have killed off the dinosaurs.   While the release and the related research paper is interesting in itself I was more interested in […]

Thoughts on John Walton’s “The Lost World of Genesis One”

The Lost World of Genesis One

There have been a number of commentaries on Genesis 1 and 2 by conservative evangelical scholars.  Many of these can be found in my literature review (Modern Creation Debate Books).  In the case of John C. Collins, John Sailhamer and John Walton, all three see their views as representing the literal reading of Genesis 1.    […]

Apparent Age: Craters on Mars

Tree Rings

This is the first in what will be a series of posts on the “apparent age” or “appearance of age” theory as an explanation for some of the features of the earth and cosmos. There is a long tradition of those that have espoused various forms of apparent age including probably the most famous proponent […]

The Reformed Church and YEC

What is a reformed church

I have now been following the current creation debate intensively for a decade.  During that time I have participated in hundreds of on-line discussions of the topic, have gathered a collection of more than 200 books on the topic and generated a library that includes over 50,000 pages of material including journal articles, copies of […]

Covered in Shells: How many fossils are there?

SUMMARY:  Below I calculate the number of fossils in the Midwest region from some of my own observations and knowledge of the area. I conclude that at a minimum there are enough fossils in just this one set of rock strata in the Midwest US to cover the entire earth with 20 small shells (little […]

Volcanic Ash (Tephra): Evidence of the Passage of Time

The following example is derived from several articles involving sediment cores from explosion craters (maars) and their subsequent analysis (See refs at end).  I will assume little geological background in writing this example. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Summary:  Pollen profiles from a 46 meter core from the center of a small explosion crater in South Central France suggest […]

Thoughts on Baraminology

A month ago or so I read an interesting article that got me thinking about the young earth creationists (YEC) view of the extent of the biblical term “kind.”  I wrote up some comments which you can see below. Apparently there has been a creation study group that has actively been asking the question what […]

Ash tree spring budding

Ash trees of north side of street leaf out about 1 week before those on the south side.  What you can’t see is that there is a parking garage that shades the trees on the south side.  As a result the north side is warmer and therefore brings out the buds on the trees more […]

Tas Walker’s Biblical Geology Model

In reading about the transformation of Creation Science Foundation into Creation Ministries International (there site can be found at: ) I happened onto one of their affiliated sites which is Tas Walker’s Biblical Geology web page ( I had forgotten about his particular model of all of earth’s geological history which he presented in […]