Geological Context II: Neanderthals and the Italian Supervolcano

A cave with sedimentary deposits on its floor.  Exposure to the atmosphere allows for sediments to be carried into the cave by wind, tracked in by animals but most material is feces from bats and other organisms that make temporary homes here including humans.  This particular cave on ?? island of Indonesia is where the skull and some bones of the so-called human "hobit" fossils were found 5.9 meters below the current surface in a pit seen in this picture.  These sediments also contain volcanic ash layers that allow ages to be assigned to different depths.

There are thousands of sites with either human remains or artifacts (stone tools usually) that are known across southern Europe and many are found in locations where they are found in layers stacked on top of each other like in caves or flood plain locations along rivers. But, the exact pattern of Neanderthal and modern human population migrations and changes is not my main interest.

The Frequently Overlooked Geological Context of Hominid Fossils

Malapa Cave cartoon.  Courtesy Lee R. Berger.  Illustration by Paul Dirks.

The human fossil record is probably one of these least understood and talked about topics in the church.  I have neither the expertise or desire to stride into the debate over particular fossils and their merits as either representing human ancestors or not.  I understand that human origins is a sensitive topic especially within the conservative evangelical […]

Psalm 104 – Evidence of Post-Flood Plate Tectonics?


For some time I had been planning to write about the use of Psalm 104 in creationists circles as evidence for a physical description for tectonic events following a world-wide flood.  Specifically, versus six through nine of Psalm 104 have been suggested to be not a reflection on creation, as is the traditional reading, but […]

Doggerland: The Ice Age, Sea Level Rise, and Human Migration


Update Feb 2014:  I have rewritten this article with updated information here:  Fishing For Fossils in the North Sea: The Lost World of Doggerland You may have seen reports of the discovery of the “British Atlantis” circulating the web.   Those stories seem to have been sparked by a new display of recent research at […]


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