Meteorite Impact Craters and Apparent Age – An Addendum

Victoria Crater

As a way of simplifying yesterday’s rambling entry I offer the following comparison of two meteorite impact craters. The first, Victoria Crater, is from Mars and the second, Amguid Crater, is in Algeria, Africa.  Let’s compare the features and then ask if they can help us to evaluate the current young earth geology models and […]

Kamil Meteorite Crater: A “Young” Impact on Earth Compared to Craters on Mars

Kamil Crater

Kamil Meteorite crater is a recently discovered crater in Egypt which is an example of a very young crater on earth. What can Kamil Crater tell us about the origin of craters not only on Earth but also on other Planets? And what does this tell us about the age of the Earth and those other planets?

The Sliding Rocks of Racetrack Playa – A Geological Who Done It Mystery

Did this rock slide accross a dry or wet surface?  Was it pushed by an animal or person?  Notice the lack of any other tracks in the area.  © iStockphoto / Mike Norton

I love interesting geological phenomena and the challenge of mysterious landforms and features.  Here are a couple of pictures that would make anyone scratch their heads and ask, how did that happen? In this case there is still some uncertainty but by proposing and testing hypotheses geologists have established some good ideas for how these […]

Fossil Eggs, Nests, Floods and Stressed Pregnant Dinosaurs

Dinosaur eggs found together in what was likely a nest.  Eggs like this have been found in clutches all around the world.

This is a follow-up to my previous post on the 15 juvenile dinosaur fossils found in a nest.   In that post I mentioned one of the explanations by flood geologists (ie. young earth creationists) for the presence of fossilized dinosaur eggs in the fossil record is that dinosaurs somehow escaped the initial stages of […]