Dodging Darwin: How Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter is Slowly Embracing Evolution

As the strict young-earth creationists at Answers in Genesis work to complete their Ark Encounter “theme park,” they have expended an impressive amount of energy organizing the millions of species of land animals alive today into a handful of small groups they call “baramins.” Creationists insist that while adaptation or speciation within a particular “baramin” is observable (and, indeed, necessary in order to account for the present observed diversity of life), there is never any overlap between separate kinds. Unfortunately for the young-earth model, the push to minimize the number of animals riding on the Ark has exposed a major problem with this view.

DNA from a Fossil Canine Skull: Confirmation of an Ancient Domesticated Dog

Where did domesticated dogs come from?   That dogs are wolves has been known for some time but which wolves and when did domestication occur has been a more difficult question to answer.   Thousands of dog breeds and wolves have been genotyped to explore this question and that evidence suggests four and possibly more, separate wolf […]