Consider the Ostrich: Adapted for the Present World? – Part III

Does Genesis require that ostriches were flight capable in the prelapsarian world?   If you have read parts I and II of this series you might think that I have overlooked one very important clue about the origin of ostriches: the Genesis creation account.   You could suggest that a logical argument can be made that the […]

Consider the Ostrich: Job 39 and Creation – Part II

In a previous article (Consider the Ostrich: Job 39 and God’s Commentary on His Creation) I looked at how the ostrich is portrayed in the Bible and compared that to a modern natural history of the Ostrich.  The conclusion from this comparison was that the Biblical description of the Ostrich matches modern observations of ostrich […]

Consider the Ostrich: Job 39 and God’s Commentary on His Creation – Part I

The book of Job contains some of the most descriptive language about the natural world in all of Scripture.  Consider Job 39 where we find God describing the natural history of animals including the mountain goat, deer, donkey, ostrich, horse, hawk and eagle to illustrate His omniscience and wisdom in creation.  Job is considered by many biblical […]