The Lake Malawi Sediment Chronometer and the Toba Super Eruption

The site of one of the largest volcanic eruptions in earth’s history, the effects of the Toba Super Eruption have been of considerable interest to archaeologists and anthropologists because of its potential impacts on past human populations.   New research exploring the Toba Super Eruption (Sumatra) has been published since I explored the implications of the […]

Weekend Potpourri: Salt Chronometer Update, Ken Ham Blog, and Gen X Creationists

It has been a while since I’ve been able write. There has been quite a bit of news the last two weeks and I thought I would briefly comment on a few items that are relevant to my most recent posts: The Salt Chronometer Since I published my series on the salty seas (Part I, […]

The Salty Sea Part IV: Dr. Wile’s Use of the Salt Chronometer

This is part of  series of posts on the Sea Salt Chronometer. Other posts in this series are: The Salty Sea and the Age of the Earth: Confirmation Bias The Salty Sea Part II:  A Young Earth Salt Chronometer? The Salty Sea Part III: Are the Oceans Getting Saltier Over Time? The Salty sea Part […]

The Salty Sea Part II: A Young Earth Salt Chronometer?

In Part I of this series I looked briefly at some recent encounters in which the salty sea is being discussed as a chronometer of sorts for determining the age of the earth. But how is this salt chronometer actually claimed to work? An article from ICR entitled, The Ocean’s Salt Clock Shows a Young World and includes the following: