NH Notes: An Ode to Coprology

“Approach, approach, ingenuous youth,
and learn the fundamental truth:
The Noble science of Geology
Is founded firmly in Coprology.
For ever be the Saurians blest,
Who left us this diluvian test.
I claim a grand coronam lauri,
For these, Thesauri of the Sauri.”

William Buckland: Minister and Geologist Grappling with Fossil Feces, Deep Time and the Age of Reptiles

The Reverend William Buckland (1784-1856) was one of the last in a line of influential natural theologians following in the footsteps of John Ray (late 1600s) and William Paley (late 1700s).   I recently gave a seminar in which I explored a number of significant turning points (figure below) in the history of discovery of deep time and the awareness […]

Piles of Fossil Poo: Providing a Peak into the Past

One headline reads “Giant Prehistoric Toilet Found” another refers to the discovery of an ancient latrine.  Don’t know how I missed those a few weeks ago. Surely had I seen that headline I would have had to clicked on it to find out what that was all about.   The actual title, The oldest known communal latrines […]

NH Notes: Dino Doo-Doo (Coprolites) and the Genesis Flood

Yep, dinosaurs are known by more than just their bones.  I have been reading quite a few research papers about dinosaurs as I prepare to write a long set of posts about Dr. Schweitzer and the significance of soft-tissue preservation in dinosaur bones.  During this reading I got distracted by a discussion about dinosaur coprolites […]