Lessons in Geostatism and the Coronavirus Hoax Learned at the Dog Park

Dawn and I took Calvin to our local dog park yesterday afternoon.  It’s a time of socialization for our dog but if you have dogs you know it’s also a socialization opportunity for their owners.  You can get a real slice-of-life at the dog park and yesterday we got ourselves one very unusual slice! Our […]

A Family History of Coronavirus–Origins and Future Prospects

The talk of the world is coronavirus-so many questions. How did it come to infect humans?  How should we go about controlling its spread? Will the virus mutate and become more infectious or deadly? Are there any effective treatments? There is no shortage of speculation and ongoing research hoping to provide answers to these questions.  […]

A Letter of Concern: Thoughts on the Global Coronavirus Crisis

The following is a letter that I wrote and have sent to a few family and friends.  Given the news today I decided to I would post it here for my broader family and because I haven’t had time to write individual messages to all those I intended but know most of them will see […]