Reflections on the Death of Toads and the Edenic Perfect Paradise

Ecology is the branch of biology that studies the interactions of organisms with each other and their environment.  The animals and plants around you are living in relationship with each other and the environment, including yourself. Around your home you may have considerable control over the environment – moisture, nutrients, lawn-mowing, week control, pest removal – and thus you are probably […]

NH Notes: A Four-legged Snake – Has the Edenic Serpent been Found?

An exquisitely preserved fossil snake has made its debut on the internet the last couple of days and it’s getting a lot of attention.  Why? Because it has four well-developed legs.  No snake fossil has ever been found with four legs. There are a few with two hind legs but none with front legs. The […]

Consider the Ostrich: Job 39 and Creation – Part II

In a previous article (Consider the Ostrich: Job 39 and God’s Commentary on His Creation) I looked at how the ostrich is portrayed in the Bible and compared that to a modern natural history of the Ostrich.  The conclusion from this comparison was that the Biblical description of the Ostrich matches modern observations of ostrich […]