Implications of Artifacts and Bones on Ancient Human Butchery Practices

A recently published study is making news the last couple of days. It regards evidence obtained from remains of preserved bones of human scavenging and/or hunting practices.   The site of the dig is a hillside in southern Kenya where, in less than an acre, more than 3700 fossils and more than 2000 artifacts have been recovered […]

How Similar is Similar? Baramins, Species, and the Identification of Common Ancestors

A recent paper published by the Answers Research Journal, the research publication of Answers in Genesis, reported a comparison of human and chimpanzee genomes and found that they have, on average, a DNA similarity of  only 70%.   This is a very striking number since the usual numbers you hear thrown about as representing the similarity […]

The Frequently Overlooked Geological Context of Hominid Fossils

The human fossil record is probably one of these least understood yet frequently discussed topics in the Christian church.  I have neither the expertise nor the desire to attempt to resolve the debate over whether particular fossils represent human ancestors or not.  I understand that human origins is a sensitive topic, especially within the conservative evangelical church […]