The Toba Super-Eruption: The Global Catastrophe that Creationists Ignore

Sudden catastrophic events are not unknown in Earth’s history.  Large craters are evidence of past cosmic impacts.  Widespread layers of volcanic ash are a testimony of massive volcanic eruptions.   But when did these catastrophes occur and could they have impacted human history? Standard geological models place the largest catastrophic events many eons ago.  So long […]

The Lake Malawi Sediment Chronometer and the Toba Super Eruption

The site of one of the largest volcanic eruptions in earth’s history, the effects of the Toba Super Eruption have been of considerable interest to archaeologists and anthropologists because of its potential impacts on past human populations.   New research exploring the Toba Super Eruption (Sumatra) has been published since I explored the implications of the […]

The Toba Super Eruption and Polar Ice Cores

A few months ago I wrote about the significance of recent findings regarding the Toba super volcano in Indonesia (The Toba Super Eruption: A non-Flood Catastrophe – the Artifacts Say Yes).  Briefly,  I explained that the Toba volcano caldera produced the largest eruption in the past 100,000 years releasing an estimated 2800 cubic kilometers of […]

The Toba Super Eruption: A Non-Flood Catastrophe – The Artifacts Say Yes!

The Toba volcano is found near the center of Sumatra, Indonesia. It has been estimated that at least 2800 cubic kilometers of material was thrown into the air during the explosion or series of explosions. To put that in perspective the Krakatoa volcano threw just over 2 cubic kilometers of material into the air some of which circled the globe causing dazzling sunsets in Europe.