Forests During the Age of the Dinosaurs – A Cretaceous Reconstruction

Continuing on with the theme of the last several posts which examined reconstructions of fossil forests here are the results of another research paper released this past week (reference below).  In this study the authors examined records of more than 2200 fossilized wood collections just from Cretaceous aged rocks at locations all around the world.  […]

Preservation of Behavior: Fossilized Elephant Tracks from the Arabian Peninsula

An areas with thousands of fossilized tracks from the United Arab Emerites has been described in the journal Biology Letters.   Additional background information about the find can be found HERE.  The tracks have been described as having been formed by an extinct species of elephants and are possibly the largest continuous set of trackways discovered to date […]

Covered in Shells: How many fossils are there?

SUMMARY:  Below I calculate the number of fossils in the Midwest region from some of my own observations and knowledge of the area. I conclude that at a minimum there are enough fossils in just this one set of rock strata in the Midwest US to cover the entire earth with 20 small shells (little […]