The Manifold Beauty of Genesis One: Reviews and Interviews

“The Manifold Beauty of Genesis One” By Drs. Gregg Davidson and Kenneth Turner is an important new book published late last year. I recommended the book on this blog and given away copies to numerous friends. Additional reviews have been published that have been similarly enthusiastic about the approach and importance of this contribution to studies of our understanding of the first chapter of Genesis. In the past couple of weeks the authors have participated in several interviews in which they discuss both the substance of the text and its place among the substantial literature published on the topic over the past two decades.

Below are links to two of those interviews which I highly recommend watching and sharing with anyone that is looking for an introduction to the deep theological truths found in the opening chapters of the bible. I also provide links (and will add more as they are published) to reviews of the book that provide overviews of the authors message and place the book in the context of the debates over the interpretation of Genesis one.

Disciple Science Podcast:

Dr. Stephen Moshier review published in Christina Scholars Review:

GeoChristian review:

Resurrecting Orthodoxy Blog by Joel Edmund Anderson:

J.W. Wartick review:

My review of the book:

Purchase the book at Amazon:

2 thoughts on “The Manifold Beauty of Genesis One: Reviews and Interviews

  1. Hi, Joel. It looks like there were two videos embedded in your post, but they both say, “This live event is no longer available.” Can you tell me what they were or where else to find them?


    1. Hi Mel, I check both of the links for the videos and they both go to the original sources for me still so I am not sure why are not able to connect. Wish I could help and appreciate pointing out a possible problem.


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