Progressive Creationism: A Whale of an Inference


I think it is safe to say that the average person has little appreciation for the diversity (eg. number of species) and the total numbers of whales in the world. What most people hear about whales is that there are some that are hunted to near extinction. This tends to create the impression that whales are rare animals. Yes, there are many rare and endangered species of whales but there there are many that are very abundant.

The Prelapsarian Acacia and the Good Creation: On the Origin of Thorns

ants and beltian boides on acacia

The thorns on acacias got me to thinking about how traditionally all thorns and thistles have been viewed as results of the curse on Adam for his sin. In my prior article I looked at the dilemma that mimicry in organisms can be for young earth creationists. I want to share a brief natural history of acacias with you and then pose the question, what did acacia trees look like in the prelapsarian world (ie. before the fall of Adam?