NH Photography: Desert Varnish Around Moab UT

Travel to most any desert region and you will observe black, brown or orange streaks or crusts on the surface of many rocks.  These stains on the rock have been called desert or rock varnish.  The origins have been scrutinized for many years and still are not fully understood. I will explore some of what […]

A Tour of The Dinosaur Trail of Mill Canyon (Moab, UT)

What museum can you go to where  you can see real dinosaur bones, you don’t pay any fees, you can touch all the exhibits and there are no security cameras watching your every move (at least I don’t think there are:-)?  The answer is The Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail near Moab, Utah.  This outdoor “museum” […]

NH Photography: Petrified Sand Dunes Near Moab UT

Around Moab UT you can run down sand dunes and you can hike on rocks that were sand dunes in the past.   You can take a face-plant on one, as my son did, and not get hurt but you better be very careful not to fall on the other.   I recently spent a […]