NH Photography: Critters Around Our House This Fall

Nothing particularly profound today. I thought I would just share a smattering of pictures of critters that can be found on most any given early fall day around our home near Akron OH. The last couple of days there have been thousands of ladybugs swarming around the backyard looking for a place to overwinter. I […]

NH Photography: Gnats Swarming Above Grass

Who loves pleasant sunny fall afternoons?  Most everyone and everything and that includes a large population of gnats in my yard that have also enjoyed a wet northeast Ohio summer.   I had a few minutes to do some yard work today but I was distracted when I walked through a cloud of these small […]

NH Photography: Goosenecks of the San Juan River

Southeastern Utah has an astounding amount of sedimentary rock on full display.  Between our stays in Silverton Colorado and Moab Utah we made a trek through this area.  One day hardly does this area justice but what we were able to see was amazing.  The sedimentary layers are best seen in the gorge of the […]