Young-earth Apologist David Rives and a Tale of Ancient DNA Discovery

I follow a number of apologists who play secondary roles in the young-earth (literal-day) creation universe. These are individuals with ministries that rely on repackaging and reselling ideas generated by the primary young-earth organizations like Answers in Genesis and Institute for Creation Research. One of those is David Rives. One of his many websites under the umbrella of his creationism ministry (David Rives Ministries) is The Creation Club. David Rives recently recommended a short article (A bug entombed in amber still had typical DNA) there that caught my attention.

I made this 30 minutes video in which I use this short article as an excuse to talk about this lesser-known creationist, provide and example of how materials found on these Ken Ham wannabee sites are often of more dubious quality than those on the aforementioned big YEC sites, and talk specifically about this particular authors misinformed views on ancient DNA.

Comments or Questions?

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