Young-Earth Creationism in 2021- Part 4: Final Thoughts and New Creationism Resources

What is going on in young-earth creationism these days? In the previous three parts of this series on creationism in 2021 I hypothesized that there is an informal but growing movement within young-earth creationism I referred to as “The New Creationists.” In part I of the series I identified some of the prominent members of this new creationism, then laid the foundation for the need for a new creationism in part II and followed that up in part III with an attempt to define the characteristics of a new creationist.

To wrap up this series I am sharing a video in which I talk about this new creationist movement within young-earth creationism and I share a list of links to works and websites that represent TNCs.

In the video linked below I address the following questions:

What does my strange cover image for this series meant to convey about new creationism?
Aren’t TNCs just “the fringe” of creationism?  I don’t think this is a “core” vs “fringe” distinction, at least anymore.
Are TNC more correct than traditionalists or do I expect TNC to become more common either because it is closer to the truth or for some other reason?
But aren’t TNCs still wrong about the science and biblical interpretations? If so why should we care what is going on within YEC?
Am I trying to create a wedge between various creationists?
What may happen in the next 10 years to young-earth creationism?

I made another follow-up video that explores these topics further. In this video I talk at length about news that there is going to be a second Is Genesis History? film and what they might mean for The New Creationists. I talk about the Flood/post-Flood boundary, hyperspeciation, my published paper on hyperspeciation and about attempts to bring back “mature creation” into the YEC toolkit of explanations for geological and possibly biological diversity.

Some important TNC websites:   Let’s Talk Creation YouTube channel which hosts a podcast of Todd Wood and Paul Garner talking about issues in creationism and their approach to creation apologetics  Blog and home of Dr. Ken Coulson’s writing in support of his book, Creation Unfolding  Website for the documentary film: Is Genesis History?  YouTube video of IGH Director, producer and script-writer talking about “What is the Future of Creationism?  Todd Wood’s blog    Core academy of science – Tood Wood’s creation apologetics ministry  Website associated with Paul Garner Blog sponsored by Is Genesis History? 

Some links to representative articles at the New Creation blog

Books by TNCS:

The New Creationism by Paul Garner
Faith, Form and Time by Kurt Wise
The Quest  by Todd Wood
Creation Unfolding by Ken Coulson
Faith, Reason, and Earth History: A Paradigm of Earth and Biological Origins by Intelligent Design by Leonard R Brand

Critiques of The New Creationist by other YECS:

Is Creation Evidence Ambiguous? Article by ICR Jake Hebert which label calls TNCs “Young-Earth Evolutionists” 

Healing division or courting heresy? A review of The Fool and the Heretic: How two scientists moved beyond labels to a Christian dialogue about creation and evolution (Todd Charles Wood and Darrel R. Falk) Book Review by Gavin Cox

3 thoughts on “Young-Earth Creationism in 2021- Part 4: Final Thoughts and New Creationism Resources

  1. While I give some “new” creationists credit for trying to be a little more scientific in some ways, they are still promoting a view of earth history that is theologically dubious and flies in the face of mountains of empirical evidence. So while their writings and visual presentations may impress more laymen or scientists in specialized fields without a broad understanding of Earth history, I doubt they will start to garner any more respect from most mainstream workers, and frankly, don’t think they deserve it. That said, I think one somewhat positive aspect may be their increasingly accepting evolution, even hyper forms of it, even as they avoid calling it that. So perhaps at some point some will ‘smell the coffee’ and just abandon YECism (as some have already done). I and others I know such as Glenn Morton did this early in our work, but I still have hope for some long-time YECs like Kurt Wise, who acknowledges that his YEC views are based more on Biblical grounds than scientific ones.

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    1. I agree that the new creationists will never garner respect from most mainstream workers. However, I am grateful that they have a more respectful tone with Christians that believe differently. Hopefully this will spread to the main YEC ministries (although I have my doubts). John 17:20 says “My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, 21 that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me.” If AiG and other caustic YEC ministries would understand the importance of Christian unity (in non-essentials), maybe they would have the impact on the world that they say they want. I watched a debate with Ham and Ross. Even though I differ with Ross (I would be classified as an Evolutionary Creationist), I wrote RTB to commend Ross on his Christlike attitude while he was being insulted every other sentence that came out of Ham’s mouth. I see zero, nada, zilch, Christlikeness in Ham.


      1. Points well taken Phillip. While one could argue that not all mainstream scientists are always models of courtesy toward YECs, for YECs to claim they are doing God’s work while often being biting, sarcastic, and even hostile and vicious at times toward nonYECs probably drives more people from their views than toward them. So when some of the “new” creationists strive to maintain a more cordial tone, I agree it is a positive development.


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