Ancient Mars: Cosmogenic Dating Methods Allow Estimates of Erosion Rates on Mars

The NASA rover Curiosity has been making its way across the floor of Gale crater on Mars since 2012.  It has closely examined a wide range of rock types which reveal that this location on Mars has experienced a long history of variable climates.  From water-infused bedrock, water-deposited conglomerates, wind-formed fossilized dunes to active sand […]

Can You Spot the Difference? The Slowly Changing Surface of Mars

Below is a picture taken by the Curiosity Rover on Mars last week.  Had you been on Mars 6000 years ago at this very location what do you think it would have seen?  What differences do yo think you could spot between then and now? I have zoomed in on one section of this rock […]

Cosmogenic Dating Methods Allow Estimates of Erosion Rates on Mars

Just how fast are some rocks on Mars eroding?  A few months ago I asked a Martian rock that question (see: My Interview with a Martian: A Story of Origins) and I was not given a very satisfying answer.  Well, that rock can be excused for being a bit confused about time given how boring […]

The Worlds Largest Rock Tumbler and the Age of the Earth

Last year I wrote about the strange rubbing boulders of the Atacama desert.  In that post I relayed the story of these strange large boulders that are found scattered in a high valley in the Atacama desert.  That desert is one of the driest places on earth with the area that these particular boulders lie […]

Kamil Meteorite Crater: A “Young” Impact on Earth Compared to Craters on Mars

Kamil Meteorite crater is a recently discovered crater in Egypt which is an example of a very young crater on earth. What can Kamil Crater tell us about the origin of craters not only on Earth but also on other Planets? And what does this tell us about the age of the Earth and those other planets?

The Strange Rubbing Boulders of the Atacama

The worlds largest rock tumbler? This story  caught my eye this morning.   GSA press release – The Strange Rubbing Boulders of the Atacama.  It seems that every other day I read about some place on earth that has a strange story to tell and usually that story is difficult to understand without an earth that […]