Young-Earth Creationism in 2022

Rather than a retrospective on 2021, let’s look forward to this year. What is the state of young-earth creationism right now? What events will or could transpire in the coming year that will impact the future acceptance or rejection of young-earth creationism as an interpretative framework for understanding earth’s geological and biology history?

In this video below I take a look at what the main YEC ministries plan to do in the coming year. A new Is Genesis History movie is on the horizon and I talk about why it could have a profound influence on the landscape of creationism. What are the primary scientific questions that YEC have and will continue to be challenged by? What does the future hold for Answers in Genesis as they prepare for a post-Ham world.

One thought on “Young-Earth Creationism in 2022

  1. If I can get published this time, as other posts vanish often, I would say YEC is not affected by minor movies or post Ham. ham was great and made yEC creationism even more famous and rich then before. Yet its still about the attrition of truth or rather using evidence in a scientific way that is YEC’s best friend. In fact reaching audiences is always the problem and not content. Our opponents have all the audience but are hopeless in making a good case out of a bad one.


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