John Walton, Genesis 1 as Ancient Cosmology: Review at Theological Sushi blog

I am working my way through John Walton’s Genesis 1 as Ancient Cosmology and really enjoying it.  I would say that if you are already familiar with his writing this book may leave you wishing for more as I was hoping for a greater expansion of his ideas outlined in The Lost World of Genesis One that I have gotten so far.  For one thing, the emphasis is still very much on Genesis 1 but seeing Genesis 2 as part of the creation story and  how his reading impacts Genesis 1-11 is also critical but not explored.    Still, there is much to think about here and I think that this book will be very helpful to many people that found Lost World thought provoking.    I will want to review a few portions of this book in the future but for now I would just point to a detailed review of the book over at Theological Sushi that I found very helpful.  The review is in several  parts with the first link going to Hodge’s review of chapter 4 which is where we find  Walton’s exegesis of Genesis 1 in light of the ancient Near Eastern cognitive environment that has explored earlier in the book.  This is the chapter that most people will be interested in because it answers the big questions and so if you don’t have time for all the parts start there.

  1. John Walton, Genesis 1 as Ancient Cosmology: Review of Chapter 4.
  2. Review of the Introduction and Chapter 1
  3. Review of Chapter 2
  4. Review of Chapter 3
  5. Final Thoughts

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